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Working as a fitness instructor in 2006, I was intrigued with this thing called yoga. I took a few teacher training courses and began to incorporate bits and pieces of the practice into my classes, having no idea that we were barely scratching the surface. Yoga helped get me through my second pregnancy, when I felt helpless and needed an outlet for my stress and anxiety. As I practiced on and off throughout the years, deeper aspects of the practice began presenting themselves and kept me coming back. A decade later, following the death of my father and a subsequent life-altering brain injury experienced by my husband, yoga would be my saving grace. With a new outlook on life and the smacking realization of its fragility, I knew that I needed to make a change. At this point, I was working a tiring, thankless job just to get by, and knew that something had to give. This path was calling to me, and with overwhelming support from my friends and family, I decided to quit my job and embark on the journey of yoga teacher training. After learning as much as I could here, I would pack my bags and head out solo to Costa Rica for my intensive where I would eat, sleep and breathe yoga alongside a dozen others on this same path. The experience was life changing! I am so grateful for the way that this life has unfolded, allowing me to follow a road less travelled. My practice and teaching style are ever changing and evolving. I love sharing what I’ve learned and knowing that there is always so much more to learn. I’m so grateful for all of the teachers and lessons in my life, and appreciate learning from everyone who walks into my class. Thank you for allowing me to share in your practice!




Who knew there was a passionate yogi inside of me just waiting to get out? I certainly didn't. I was so out of shape, that even sleeping was no longer fun. It took an unexpected fall, me being face down in the mud, unable to get up on my own, for me to seek out yoga to help repair all the damage I had done to myself. I signed up for a beginner's series of classes and spent the first few weeks trying just not to die. I quickly discovered that yoga was exactly what I needed. Every day when I get on the mat, yoga meets me where I am. The mental benefits of taking time to quiet the thoughts and focus on the breath, have been as impactful as the all the Asana combined. Fast forward 15 months and,  with the encouragement and support of my fellow yogis, I've completely transformed my life. Along the way, my yogi friends convinced me to take yoga teacher training to enhance my own practice, and I discovered a profound desire to share my love of yoga with others. With an "always a student" mindset, I manifested a gong and continue to dig deeper into guided meditation and sound therapy. I get on my mat every day, set an intention, and go about trying to improve my mind, body, and soul through yoga.  I don't practice yoga, I try to live it. I'll be on my mat breathing, improving.... care to join me?